Recovery Coach Training

Training Flyer
If you are among the many who have overcome addiction and are living a happy, sober lifestyle, we want to hear from you! At Recovery 4 Life we offer recovered addicts, or those who have experienced a drug/substance addiction, the opportunity to join our recovery family as a Recovery Coach/Certified Peer Specialist (CPSS). Our coaches use their experience(s) with addiction to help those in recovery.

Recovery Coaching

Our Recovery Coaches play a major role in the success of our recovery program. Serving as a role model for our clients, Recovery Coaches share their experience(s) and offer their wisdom to motivate those in our recovery program to achieve and retain a sober lifestyle.

Certified Peer Support Specialist Coaching

A Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPSS) is a person specializing in support and in-depth experience with those struggling with mental health issues, substance/alcohol abuse, or psychological trauma. Similar to Recovery Coaches, they use their “lived experience” to influence and motivate those in the recovery program to work towards a sober lifestyle, without addiction. Support and assistance may consist of a “personal recovery plan” for each individual to practice learned techniques and strategies for self acceptance, self harm reduction techniques, and an overall recovery goal, both mentally and physically. CPSS’s use their advanced training and personal experience(s) to provide you with a solid support system through every stage of recovery.

If you would like to become a Certified Peer Specialist/Recovery Coach and assist those in recovery, download an application today! You can mail or fax your application to one of our locations below:

Recovery 4 Life Boise Office
8950 W Emerald St Suite 178
Boise, ID 83704 United States
Ph 208-376-7083 Option 1
Fax 208-321-5069

Recovery 4 Life Caldwell Office
709 Dearborn Street
Caldwell, ID 83605 United States
Ph 208-376-7083 Option 2
Fax 208-402-5604

Training Prerequisites

Certified Peer Specialist training is for those in recovery from a mental health diagnosis, each training applicant must submit the following; training application, letter of reference from your behavioral health professional, and complete a phone interview. Contact Michael with Recovery 4 Life at 208-376-7083 for more information and screening process.